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University “Our Ukraine” Reports

Journal “UOU Reports”.

Phylosophskaya Street, 17, office 2.

49006, Dnipro.


Tel. +38(056) 770-88-48

E-mail: uoureports@gmail.com


Editor-in-chief: Dr. Yuriy Tisenko.

   Internet-journal “UOU Reports” was founded by science staff of the University “Our Ukraine” (Dnipro). This journal is successor of the journal “Reports of PSAYS”, that was printed in Dniepropetrovsk from 1996 to 1997. Journal “UOU Reports” pulishes original research and review articles by all branches of modern science without exception: by physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, technical sciences, geography, biology, medicine, economics, history, philology, pedagogics and other branches of science. Authors send articles with accompaning letter to journal E-mail: uoureports@gmail.com. Articles have to be got up according to journal standard and have to be sent as one source (nonscanned) file in version doc. File is attached to accompaning letter. Manuscripts, that had been sent to journal, are reviewed. If review is positive one, then, after manuscript processing in editorial office, article is placed at journal site www.uoureports.dp.ua in size “Open Access”. Readers may also place an order for a printed variant of journal issues. The term of publication process is not more then two weeks after editorial office had received the manuscript (if manuscript is correctly got up by authors).

Guidance for authors

   Journal “UOU Reports” publishes articles only in Ukrainian and English. Article has to containe title (fat print); author initials and family names with organizations of science work execution indication; keywords; abstract; introduction; main text; conclusion; references. One have to insert pictures and tables into text of manuscript, they have not to be sent separately. Margins have to be 2 cm from the left side of the sheet and 2 cm to the right side of the sheet. For more complete acquaintance with manuscript getting up standard authors have to call on journal site and to look through already published articles. If review is positive one, editorial staff sends account for article processing charge payment to author-correspondent. Processing charge is $ 100, it does not depend on article size. After this account had been paid, the article is placed at journal site.
   Journal does not publish articles if conflict of interests is present in author collective. All researchers, which have carried essential contribution to solution of science problem, have to be inserted to list of authors. Editorial staff does not consider articles, that were already published, or manuscripts, that were simultaneously sent to other publishing houses. We suppose, authors observe Law of Ukraine “About copyright and adjacent rights”. They make authors of articles responsible if this law is infringed.

Volume 1, issue 1 (2018)